Why is social media necessary now?


Social media can be difficult to do and its value is hard to understand for many. The truth is, however, that social media isn't just a part of the internet, it's the main part of it. That is something that companies need to understand.

There are many channels in social media and each is very different, with different user expectations and mindsets. It's where everyone's attention is, including business targets', so it must be a priority for businesses. The fact is that social media has become TV, print, email and direct mail all in one.

Companies often make this mistake when planning their social media:  Only considering what they want to post. Because it's different from other types of media channels, target users and providing value for them needs to be at the focus of a company's social media.

Because mobile phones are now the main screen in our lives, people's experience there with a company is more important that ever for businesses. And because social media isn't just a one-way channel, the market has been shifting beyond traditional media service transactions.  People are expecting interactions on social media.


60% of users expect companies to respond to them on social

- Twitter's study

67% of users have used a company’s social network for customer service

- J.D. Power

20-40% more money spent by customers if a company responds on social media

- Bain & Company


People have also become good at ignoring advertisements because they are exposed to so many everyday. The trend is that people are wanting more and more authenticity from companies online. The companies who are able to will be able to increase their brand value in the eyes of their targets. Increased brand value means more loyalty and longterm sales.

We consider your request, current status, your competitors and target. We find the areas where you can improve and make a custom strategy that helps you bridge internationally and succeed online.


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