Social media and tourism: A perfect match.

The tourism industry is one of the most affected business industries by social media.  Traveling and social media are closely related because traveling is a highly sensual and social experience.

Reaching Japanese tourists can be difficult for language and cultural reasons. Their expectations also may be quite different. 

Branding a tourism-related business on social media specifically for Japanese tourists is important in order to effectively attract them.


There are over 353 million pieces of travel-related content on Instagram alone, meaning many people are showcasing their travel experiences on social.

- Beautiful Destinations

48% of Millennials use Instagram to find their next travel destination.

- Miss Travel

77% will recommend a company after a good experience on social.

- Twitter


Running ads and trying to get quick customer conversions is only a part of good tourism marketing. Adding to a tourist's experience on social media can have a good positive effect on their experience.

Many Japanese tourists share their travel experiences back home on social networks. These posts by regular people are trusted more than posts by companies or ads, especially in Japan where there is high risk-aversion. Sharing their posts is like amplifying word of mouth advertising. It also increases the chance of them recommending the business to friends and family who will visit from Japan, too.

Being based in Japan, we effectively help companies connect with Japanese tourists. We have a team of content creators, ties with Japanese influencer networks, and Japanese community managers. The goal is not only to get one quick customer, but also to build a brand that makes Japanese customers want to be a customer again along with their friends and family.

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