By Barrett Ishida

April 9th, 2015: Key, a member of K-Pop group SHINee, uploaded a transparent screenshot of his Instagram page to his 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Since then, high school students in Japan have made it boom, making and uploading their own versions under the hashtags #InstaInMyHand / #InstaMyHand and in Japanese #インスタマイハンド / #インスタインマイハンド. Modified versions such as Twitter have shown up as well.

The ease of creating these shots have helped it spread quickly. Most are made by the PicsArt Photo Studio app where a second image may be added to the main image and then made transparent by the "Multiply" tool.


Another trend currently taking off and already quickly heading out to western countries is the My Idol trend, which can be searched on Instagram under #MyIdol. Using the MyIdol app, made by Chinese company Huanshi, you use a selfie to create an avatar. From there, you can have it do a range of activities from pole dancing to singing "Let It Go" to strutting your stuff on the runway. The tricky part is that it's only available in Chinese, but an English version should be made available soon, according to the company.


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