By Barrett Ishida


Are you sure your target audience on Instagram is actually seeing your posts?

Your fans and potential customers may not be paying attention when you’re ready to show them something.

When managing your business’ Instagram account, posting when you have some free time or when you feel like it doesn't cut it. Let's be serious, it’s not your personal #foodporn account. Think about it, toy commercials don't come on TV at 11PM. Considering when the best time is for people to see your content is important.

Here are a few tools that can help you manage your Instagram post schedule:



If you already use Hootsuite to manage your business’ Twitter accounts, this might be a convenient integration for you. You can create your post and choose the time you want it to go out, or automate it and let Hootsuite choose when they feel is best. They will send you a push notification to your phone where you are prompted to complete the post yourself. Keep in mind, though, that you have to be logged into your business' account at that time. This is due to Instagram not allowing third parties to post on a user's behalf. Their free option allows up to the management of 3 social profiles.



via Crowdfire

via Crowdfire

Like Hootsuite, Crowdfire will let you prepare your posts and it’ll automatically schedule them according to when they’ll be seen by most of your followers. It’ll also analyze your caption and suggest some high traffic hashtags to add. When your post is ready to go out, you’ll get notified to send it.



via ScheduGram

via ScheduGram

Like the other options, ScheduGram allows you to choose the time that your posts go out. The biggest difference is that rather than just sending you a push notification for you to complete your post, the entire process is automated on their end. In addition, they have a "first to comment" option where you can schedule a comment of hashtags to be posted right after your the upload. They do require your password, however, and prices start at $20 for one account up to 10,000 followers with no free option.


While these tools can be helpful, you still have to manage your Instagram account yourself. That is, creating and editing the content, engaging potential and existing fans, and replying to questions and comments. After all, not doing so has its consequences.

If social media is too much of a hassle for you like it is many businesses, you may want to seek out social media management help. (Yes, we offer that service.)